Confused and stressful week.

Went through a series of events which left me quite confused and stressed this week. Was presented with 2 business opportunities to join as partners at two different startups. Wondering if I should take it cos I’m not sure of I’m up to it and if I can handle it. Really going into the most uncomfortable zone. Decided to this weekend to ponder over it. Not sure if how other will handle this situation. Opportunities are not easy to come by startups are very challenging if you’re really just starting up. Still have not come to a concrete decision but just taking this time to chill at one of my favourite old time cafe. How’s your week been like?

Start of the weekend

Decided to have early dinner and came across a quiet cafe in a secluded area of the business district. Ordered ice blended mocha and the main is called “Hudson”. It’s basically grilled chicken with side of kale fried in garlic and grilled corn off cob and rosemary potatoes. The taste was absolutely great (as you can see). I just wondered what’s the point of the sunny side up cos it didn’t blend in the dish for me.

Anyways, it’s quite a good start to the weekend although still have to prepare for classes tomorrow. Meh…. Oh well, life still goes on weekend or not.

Have a great weekend everyone! ✌️