Clear blue skies.

Was out for lunch on a very hot Sunday and saw this clear blue sky. Not a common sight in sunny Singapore where humidity is generally pretty high. Chases away the blues that was awaiting on Monday. Happy I got through the Monday well. Now just for the rest of the week. Have a great week everyone.

Back again.

Getting used to coming back to this place for lunch. The lunch set is really value for money. Today’s menu consist of salmon chowder, hainanese pork chop rice and ending of with the usual coffee. The soup was really good with chunks of salmon that you bite into. The pork chop was a little disappointing cos it doesn’t taste like the traditional version that you get in Malaysia. But overall, still a good meal and great start to the work week.

New place, novel lunch

Was exploring a new area in Singapore and ended up at an interesting place for lunch. Was near a very popular food court but it was closed during the day.

The lunch set served during the weekday was really affordable with quite decent coffee. The soup of the day (tomato soup) was really good and didn’t taste too sour as with most other soups. The main course of braised pork belly was served in a retro style bowl but not something I’ve seen before. The pork belly was braised really well though it was a bit too busy for me. The fat content was ok and the salad was quite nice. The ending with coffee was really great and looking forward to come here again.

Ramen, ramen and more ramen!

Can’t say you’ve been to Japan without trying their ramen. In fact, I tired three different ramen over two days and suffering from ramen overload. Although all three were different, but they were so good. Not something you’ll be able to find in Singapore. And definitely the prices here are definitely cheaper. On contrary to my thoughts, ordering the food is easy and some staff are able to help you with some English. The vending machine also has upgraded to include English menu at some places. Definitely something not to be missed when you’re in Japan.

Wonderful lunch at halal-certified British establishment

Was here for a lunch time meeting which required a halal venue. Was surprised to find this place in the middle of popular lane in Singapore. Food was quite authentic British and the service was great as well. Unfortunately, their coffee machine broke down that day so couldn’t taste their coffee. Though they volunteered to buy coffee for us from another cafe should we want it which was quite nice. Overall, worth coming back again.

Disappointing lunch

Wanted to have a good lunch before lectures on a Sunday. Decided to revisit a place which had very good tendon. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed with the way things have changed. There used to be two types of free flow pickles but it’s down to one now. The chawanmushi has also been downsized to a miserable tiny tea cup size. Tried their signature tencha, which is some deep fried seafood pancake on rice and you can eat three ways with dashi soup. The pancake didn’t have any great taste and they used frozen vegetables for the pancake as it was mushy. Didn’t even want to finish the rice and decided to finish the pancake cos it had seafood in it. Not going to go back again.

Prepping for the upcoming feast.

Festive season is coming. Decided to try dieting by eating less. This is my lunch. Trying out to see if I can have rolled oats only for dinner later. Health has not been kind to me since the year began. Down with flu and severe backache. Hopefully I can bounce back and live a more healthy life for the rest of the year.