Wrapping a wonderful trip.

Spent the last day of my Japan trip in Tokyo. Had a full day to roam around before making my way to the airport. Stopped by this amazing mall with amazing cafe. The coffee is really good. The ambience was nice as I sat down watched as the world go by in front of you. Makes me just want to sit there for as long as possible. Will try to compile the photos and put up a itinerary for a trip to Kyoto in time to come.

Different taste in different place

Am in Japan for a work-cum-travel. Decided to try out a popular chain of French cafes and was really surprised at the vast difference in quality between the branch here and at home. Each cup of coffee is individually brewed and the aroma was amazing. The bread definitely taste much better. Never imagined I would be so impressed with the food from this franchise.


Finally back at work today after unwell for so long. Had a afternoon meeting with the team at a very lovely cafe and store. The salesperson was quite keen to sell her plates which were quite nice but not cheap. Didn’t need anyway.

Ambience of the cafe was nice and the deco was really good. Forgot to take a pic of the cappuccino which was pretty good as well. Still searching for that perfect cup of coffee in Singapore. Any recommendations?

Chasing the blues away

Had a nice cup of hot cafe latte on a rainy day. This cafe is in one of the newly opened malls and was not easy to find. Was here on a friends recommendation and the coffee was pretty good. The ambience like what I took below. Only issue is that the surrounding environment outside the cafe was not enticing, hence no pics. It’s pretty difficult to find a good cafe in Singapore with great coffee, good ambience and good views. Anyone with recommendations?

First post

Hi there,

This is my first time blogging. Just wanted to put up random images that I encounter each day and share interesting (or boring) bits about my life. That’s why this site is just called Random……Meh……

Enjoyed a wonderful New Year Eve’s coffee alone followed by wonderful dinner with great company.

Cheers to a wonderful 2018!! May everyone stay happy and healthy.