Festive season

Th lunar new year is coming soon. Lots of people buying and decorating their homes. Same goes for the shopping Malls. Festive season comes with festive feasting. It’s a time where everyone gathers and feast. Lots of people say food always taste better when you’re eating in a group comparing with eating alone. Eating with family definitely adds to the festivity. So just exercise moderation and try to stay active by taking a short stroll after your meals. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

Tea break

Was walking around and decided to sit down for a cuppa. Didn’t want to spend too much on drink and decided to visit a food centre. Went for the healthier option or not sugar and the taste wasn’t too bad. Suppose the milk didn’t really make it any much healthier but I suppose it’s a start. Really hope to be able to do the right thing and get in shape soon. Second health check is coming up soon. Sigh….

A stroll on Sunday

Decided to exercise and did a short walk after lectures for a famous icon in Singapore. It’s been around for many years and it’s been opened for free to the public for a while but it’s my second time here. Things have changed quite a lot. And it’s really quiet now and you don’t really see locals roaming around the park.

It’s still quite nostalgic to think about the place since I was last here decades ago and was quite scared. Now it just seems like a lesson in Chinese mythology and also learning about the origins of the place. Although roaming around the place a few of the sculptures seemed out of place. I am still trying to grapple the eventual concept of this place. But it’s definitely worth a visit.

Disappointing lunch

Wanted to have a good lunch before lectures on a Sunday. Decided to revisit a place which had very good tendon. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed with the way things have changed. There used to be two types of free flow pickles but it’s down to one now. The chawanmushi has also been downsized to a miserable tiny tea cup size. Tried their signature tencha, which is some deep fried seafood pancake on rice and you can eat three ways with dashi soup. The pancake didn’t have any great taste and they used frozen vegetables for the pancake as it was mushy. Didn’t even want to finish the rice and decided to finish the pancake cos it had seafood in it. Not going to go back again.

Hearty comfort food.

Back to one of the cafes I shown earlier in my blog. Wanted to have something light rather than the usual heavy breakfast. Think ham and cheese croissant should be light enough. Coupled with flat white without sugar although a log black would have been a healthier alternative. I suppose it’s better to take things one step at a time rather than go cold turkey, which could definitely cause a lot of rebound.

Have a great weekend

Prepping for the upcoming feast.

Festive season is coming. Decided to try dieting by eating less. This is my lunch. Trying out to see if I can have rolled oats only for dinner later. Health has not been kind to me since the year began. Down with flu and severe backache. Hopefully I can bounce back and live a more healthy life for the rest of the year.


Finally back at work today after unwell for so long. Had a afternoon meeting with the team at a very lovely cafe and store. The salesperson was quite keen to sell her plates which were quite nice but not cheap. Didn’t need anyway.

Ambience of the cafe was nice and the deco was really good. Forgot to take a pic of the cappuccino which was pretty good as well. Still searching for that perfect cup of coffee in Singapore. Any recommendations?