Wonderful lunch at halal-certified British establishment

Was here for a lunch time meeting which required a halal venue. Was surprised to find this place in the middle of popular lane in Singapore. Food was quite authentic British and the service was great as well. Unfortunately, their coffee machine broke down that day so couldn’t taste their coffee. Though they volunteered to buy coffee for us from another cafe should we want it which was quite nice. Overall, worth coming back again.

Festive season

Th lunar new year is coming soon. Lots of people buying and decorating their homes. Same goes for the shopping Malls. Festive season comes with festive feasting. It’s a time where everyone gathers and feast. Lots of people say food always taste better when you’re eating in a group comparing with eating alone. Eating with family definitely adds to the festivity. So just exercise moderation and try to stay active by taking a short stroll after your meals. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

Selfish or sell fish?

Saw this scene at a very popular outlet selling salted egg fish skins chips. I realise why it’s sold even at opening although it says you’re only able to buy 5 at a time. I’ll still amazed how this person managed to buy a trolley full of it and cleaned out the stock.

Was told some of these people will resell them at a much higher price in another country.

Nostalgia of food

They say picture can speak a thousand words. But I suppose this one doesn’t say much. Just had a thought about this see through kitchen concept which has been the craze this century.

Everyone are paranoid about how their food is prepared and whether it’s clean and palatable. Most of us forget about the people behind the glass who work tirelessly day and night to prepare our food.

Great job for the food handlers despite having to show good professionalism in front of us while being busy with their work at the same time.

Nuts for health!

Received a belated Christmas present from a friend yesterday.

Nuts are healthy in moderation, which applies to everything we eat and do in order to strike a good balance in life.

We should be quite glad we have access to all these nice resources from all over world in one packet.

Cheers to a Happy Friday. 😁