Food to go? Meh…

Been quite a trend that has spread from Japan. Vending machine making hot food and soups for those of us who are in a rush and have no time to cook or those of us who just wants to eat quickly without having to queue. Have not really tried the food yet but I think it will definitely not be as good as the ones freshly cooked at home or at the Food courts.

Think we need more education as to have these meals are prepared in the machine. Whether it’s just reheating frozen food or reheating pre-cooked food that is replaced daily.

Anyone can educate me?


Went for a cup of tea after lunch to keep from falling asleep later. Was surprised to see how advanced food court are nowadays. With the use of robotics, tray collection are coming to you. So PLEASE return your trays next time you eat at a food court. It’s for the convenience of the next person and saves time for the cleaners.