A stroll on Sunday

Decided to exercise and did a short walk after lectures for a famous icon in Singapore. It’s been around for many years and it’s been opened for free to the public for a while but it’s my second time here. Things have changed quite a lot. And it’s really quiet now and you don’t really see locals roaming around the park.

It’s still quite nostalgic to think about the place since I was last here decades ago and was quite scared. Now it just seems like a lesson in Chinese mythology and also learning about the origins of the place. Although roaming around the place a few of the sculptures seemed out of place. I am still trying to grapple the eventual concept of this place. But it’s definitely worth a visit.

Out for a scroll

Wasn’t feeling too well the past two days. Decided to come out to look around rather than being stuck at home. Came to the new terminal and wasn’t impressed. It was quite small and looked like the old Budget terminal which has gone through extensive cosmetic surgery. Don’t think this place can service a lot of passengers but good enough to meet the current needs.

Serious business.

Haven’t put up a post for the past few days. Was at a shopping mall and was nice to see so many family lots and hybrid lots. Then I saw the mall was being serious about the family lots being reserved for families. Not sure if this is a good thing but I fully support the idea. What is your opinion?

Meh… Monday blues

What a start to Monday. Congrats to those not needing to work today and staying in bed to laze the cool Monday away. For those of us who has to braze the rain and get to work, it’s going to be an exciting week as always. Be positive and always look forward to it. That’s my way to chase the blues away. Have a great week everyone!

Keeping fit

Decided to start honouring my New Year resolution of trying to keep fit. Took a longggg…..stroll this morning and experience the sights and scenes along the way.

Most of us taking different modes of transport don’t really stop to appreciate our surroundings (me included) anymore. Our smart devices play a much larger role in our life than anyone or anything else. Why don’t we attempt to stop staring at our phones and look up once in a while to savour what’s in front of us. 😬

Bikes galore?

I’m sure we have come across this scene in countries where there’s bike rental apps and services. Bikes strewn all over the place once users are finished with it.

Think better education and civic mindedness needs to be in place so these scene (one of the less messy ones) does not destroy the beautiful landscape in the background. Change will be hard. But change needs to be done. Otherwise, convenience to the masses will just turn to be an inconvenience mess.

Wild mushrooms

Found a patch of flourishing wild mushrooms on the way to work. Some say wild mushrooms are poisonous while others say wild mushrooms are more nutritious than grown ones.

It sounds like people nowadays. Live in the wild and you’ll appreciate the simple things in life and be thankful for it. Those living in the urban areas take things for granted when it’s readily available leading to a lot of wastage.

What do you think?